Voice-First Consulting

Providing expertise and guidance in a voice-enabled world

are expected to need a bit of help by 2020


of those age 75 or older live alone

age 50 or older are affected by isolation and loneliness


want to be happy, connected and engaged

Give Voice To Conversation Experiences

Just as mobile became the primary way we interact with technology, we are now entering the beginning of a voice-first world. The evolution of Voice-First solutions, where the primary interface to technology is spoken, will have tremendous impact and is ideal for boomers/seniors.

Focused on improving the lives of older adults, family, caregivers and their communities, Marvee Studio provides expertise and guidance through powerful voice-first strategies and voice-designed solutions. We bring voice-design conversation experience, years of expertise in technology adoption, Alexa Skill development, and an understanding of aging, senior living and caregiving.  We help you find your voice, and for some, also work towards third-party partnership with the Marvee platform.

Foster Innovation

Enhance Health & Wellness


Providing Expertise and Guidance

Voice-First Webinars

Learn how voice-first technologies and voice-designed solutions are impacting aging, caregiving and the senior living.

Voice-First Workshops

Gather the team. A collaborative process to figure how to best meet the needs of your business and community.

Speaking Engagements

Learn about Voice-First solutions via speaking engagement and seminars as a great way to engage your audience.

Opportunity Analysis

Analyze where voice-first solutions can best impact your community of users. Discover gaps, look at recommendations.

VUI Assessment

Identify users, focus groups, best-fit voice-activated technologies, user journey stories and your success criteria.

Strategy Roadmap

Voice Strategy Roadmap. Define goals, capabilities, timelines, implementation, milestones, risk factors and budget.

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