OK, it happens with technology!

Some of you may have encountered a problem getting Marvee to respond this morning when you asked “Alexa, tell Marvee to send I’m OK”, or “Alexa, Ask Marvee for Family News”.  There was confusion within the Amazon Cloud with responses like “I’m not sure” or “I can’t find that skill”.

It seems when Amazon recently updated the Alexa app it caused some Alexa Skills to become “confused, not connecting to the Skill properly.  All was good on our back-end, so after some super investigative work, we discovered all that was needed was to reset the skill from the user Alexa App side –

  1. log into the Alexa App on your mobile device or go to alexa.amazon.com
  2. disable the Marvee Skill,
  3. then re-“Enable” it
  4. and link your account with your Marvee login credentials

All is well with Marvee so have a marvelous week!  To those of you who contacted us, and those who did not but experienced the wonderful world of Alexa this morning… Thank you for your patience!

Family News Tip:

And for those who are a contributor on a loved ones Family News group, the Marvee Family News companion iOS app has launched. You can find it in the Apple Store, click here.

We appreciate you!