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meet Heidi

Heidi Culbertson is an Amazon Alexa Champion and a top leader and influencer in the Voice industry. A visionary and keynote speaker Heidi is the CEO of Marvee, a voice strategy & design consultancy and the founder of Voice-First Naples bringing voice experiences to local business. A graduate of Miami University (OH), Heidi has served in multiple executive leadership roles in a career immersed in emerging technology, leading at the forefront of wireless, mobile, and IoT technologies, working with enterprise customers designing solutions often being adopted for the first time.

Heidi leads voice strategy and design workshops, and has spoken at multiple conferences including the Voice Summit, the Voice of Healthcare, Humana’s Disruptive Tech Summit and the ISG World Conference. Heidi has also been a guest on a variety of industry podcasts. Heidi’s mission is simple: to champion the creation of context-aware voice experiences to make life better.

a short story about Marvee, the company

Marvee was created in 2015 within months of founder, Heidi Culbertson, experiencing the profound impact of voice assistant technology as a possible solution to help an aging mother. With the 2014 launch of the Amazon Echo, Ms Culbertson immediately saw the value in hands-free voice solutions for improving independent aging. Since then, Marvee has become a recognized leader in voice-first strategy and conversation design with a specialty in creating voice experiences to engage older adults. We are a strategic voice design consultancy helping write a new narrative for the varied 50+ cohort.


The name of our company, and the original Ask Marvee Skill, was born from conversations on how to help our aging parents, how voice technology can make a difference, and a desire to combat social isolation and improve quality of life. You may notice we tag our notifications and messages with “Powered with  by Marvee”. This is for a very specific reason. The inspiration for our solution is a real person, the founder’s mom. Her name was Marvee.

Marvee raised six children, was an active tennis player into her late 80’s and overall was blessed with good health. However, at the age of 90, Marvee began to lose her vision due to macular degeneration and suddenly had to deal with the loss of her visual independence and the increased isolation and dependence that followed. It’s was a journey of adjustment for Marvee, and for her children growing into the ever-changing role of family caregivers, local and remote.


Marvee’s children, always on the hunt for gadgets to help, discovered the newly-launched Amazon Echo back in December 2014.  “The Echo and Alexa were an immediate hit with mom. She didn’t need to see the device, feel for a button or even touch it! Mom was soon asking for her favorite songs, listening to her books, it was fantastic!”

Over time Marvee began to ask for certain things that were unique to her and her limitations. Thus an idea was born. “Let’s build voice apps for mom that are specific to her, and easy for us to manage. We’ll name it after her and call it Marvee!”.  And the journey began. Let’s meet our loved ones wherever they are and make life better.


Philosophy & Mission