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A Short Story about Marvee LLC

Marvee LLC was created in 2016 after founder, Heidi Culbertson, experienced the profound impact of voice to just make life better. Drawn into Voice Technology in 2014 with the launch of the Amazon Echo as a possible solution to help an aging mother (read the full back story here), Ms Culbertson immediately saw the value in hands-free voice solutions for improving quality of life. Marvee LLC, has quickly become the recognized expert in voice design, with a specialty in voice experiences for older adults and family.


Ms. Culbertson has spent her career immersed in emerging technology, having begun her career in mobile technology, where her work with enterprise customers often required her to design solutions for companies adopting mobile for the first time. That led her to a focus on user experience design for mobile, which eventually led to UX consulting work. Heidi believes voice-first products and services will revolutionize the aging journey, and utilizes her passion for designing and prototyping voice experiences to make a difference.

Dan Miller joined Heidi as Marvee’s co-founder in 2016, and they launched the initial Ask Marvee Skill in summer 2016. Mr. Miller has spent his career as a visionary technology entrepreneur, and is a well-known speaker, investor and advisor. Mr. Miller’s entrepreneurial drive began early with his passion for soccer, where he competed for the US and professionally. Lessons learned on the field fueled his passion for business strategy and creating high performance teams, leading to future success in founding multiple companies to successful exits. Mr. Miller is also the CFO/COO of MassCare, a healthcare practice management company, and is the Managing Director of Seedboom, a business strategy consulting firm.

The Promise Of Voice-First Technology In Caring For Aging Populations - August 2019

Need an Engaging Speaker?

Heidi Culbertson loves speaking about voice-first technology, strategies, conversation design and the impact it is already having on our every day. Ms Culbertson particularly loves engaging with audiences to paint the picture of what’s possible, while at the same time offering specific nuances to craft and deliver rich voice experiences for today and tomorrow. Her style is simple: fun, engaging, and focused.

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