Marvee Academy

Learning Center for Voice-activated Living

fine-tuned for older adults, families and caregivers

Part of Marvee’s mission is to provide content and training that accelerates the knowledge, use and comfort level in using voice technology. We are strong believers in the power of voice assistant technology for easy communication, improved social interaction and its impact on quality of life.   One way we deliver on our mission is helping to sift through the noise, helping folks locate relevant content and training to just use their voice. Here are some of the areas we cover…

Device Options

Cheat Sheets

Alexa Basics


Alexa Blueprints

Caregiving Tips

How To Set Up...

Smart Stuff

We know voice tech, and we’re caregivers. We understand the many different user scenarios, we stay abreast of device updates, new feature releases and have trained more than 10,000 older adults, families, caregivers and senior living organizations on how to use Alexa. Marvee Academy is your ongoing resource for news, reviews, design and user tutorials that help serve the over-50 population,  family, caregivers and all involved in serving our aging society. We start with a plethora of content and trainings and we’ll add new relevant content every month. Marvee Academy is created to offer real value and utility for every day living. Come back soon! The countdown to our Academy launch is fast approaching!

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