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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions for new Marvee users

How Do I Connect Marvee to my Echo & Alexa?

Step 1: Sign up for an account with Marvee at Once your new account information is verified, you are ready for Step 2: Set up your Marvee services by adding your desired contacts to each of your services. Step 3: Enable the Marvee Alexa Skill and link your new Marvee account with Alexa. (Open your Alexa app, Tap “Skills” in the left navigation menu, Type “Marvee” in the search window to find the Marvee Skill. On the Marvee Skill page, tap “Enable”. You will then be asked to log into your Marvee account with your Marvee user name and password. You will see a “successfully linked message within the alexa app when complete). You are ready to use Marvee!

Can I enable the Marvee Skill first?

Yes. If you first discover Marvee within the Alexa app and enable the Skill, you will need to link a Marvee account. During the linking process, just sign up as a new user. Once the Skill is linked and enabled. Go to to log into the Marvee Portal. Once logged in, add contacts to your services to begin using Marvee with Alexa.

How Do I Add Contacts to my Marvee Services

We’ve made it easy to add contacts to the Marvee features. Add contacts to Morning Beacon, Social Visit or Call Me, or invite contributors to your Family News service. When adding a contact to each respective service, your contact will receive a text to verify their mobile, and/or an email  to verify their email address.  Your contact will need to click the verification link and will then be able to receive alerts from the Marvee/Alexa User. We follow standard policies for insuring contact information is verified so be sure to have your contacts click the link to verify their email address and mobile numbers!

What does the Marvee User say to Alexa?

We’ve provided multiple places to find help when needed. Basic voice commands can be found on the Ask Marvee page, but once logged into the Marvee Portal, you’ll find a Quick Start Guide and Video Library with step-by-step instructions. And of course, feel free to reach out Support with any questions.

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