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Marvee Skill Update (July 2018): We’d like to share some great news. We first launched the Marvee Alexa Skill back in 2016 to help folks send simple alert notifications and stay up to date with family news. We’re thankful for our user growth and the impact of voice for older adults has certainly proven itself! There has also been tremendous growth in voice adoption and vast improvements in Alexa design and development tools. We now believe it’s time for a complete overhaul of our original skill to take advantage of the new capabilities, to add more features, improve user experience, and (drumroll please) relaunch beyond the US Alexa store, adding multiple countries/languages. As we move to rebuild the Marvee Skill over the upcoming months, we will soon close subscriptions to new users. For existing users… Don’t Worry! …you will continue to have full access to ask Marvee to send your daily OK notifications, etc …and will seamlessly transition to the updated skill once launched.  We’ll keep you in the know!  For those new to Marvee or needing to learn more, just keep scrolling!