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Do You Have A Mom | Dad | Grandma Light?

And then there was light One of the first things we did after setting up the Echo for mom, and gaining some initial use was to become a "Connected Home". Whether connecting to devices like SmartThings, Wemo or Hue, we added not just lifestyle ease but safety was first...

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How To Set Up Your Default Music Services

Let's Play Some Tunes! Once you register your device to your Amazon account, you automatically have access to your Amazon Music library and Audible library. We all most likely have a favorite music library or streaming stations we listen to. With Alexa, you can choose...

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Device Decisions

The Growing Echo Line Up Amazon now has a bevy of devices seemingly to try to fit into the many niches of our lives. But it certainly can be a bit confusing for consumers to decide which device to purchase, even when buying more than one.  So let's start at the...

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An Echo Dot Wall Mount

This Dottie! I have several Echo Dots - love how portable they are, but...the power cord being visible where I have them located always bugged me. I was also concerned that over at my mother place, she might trip and fall (one in four US residents report falling each...

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Alarms, Timers and Reminders

Alexa Alarms, Reminders and Timers What's important to know Alexa alarms, timers and reminders are device specific.  The alarm, timer or reminder you set will only sound on the specific device in which you set the command. Alexa Timers Think of the Alexa Timer as you...

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Alexa Calling & Messaging

Make Calls Hands-Free!!!! You can now use your supported Echo device or the Alexa app on your mobile phone (or tablet) to call or voice message almost anyone, for free! Alexa calling and messaging works with your existing wifi connection, sending your calls and...

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Amazon Household Profiles

Alexa, What Is Household Profiles?   You can create an Amazon Household using the Alexa app or from your computer at Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon benefits with another adult, teens, and children in your household. Shared benefits...

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Staying Connected During Hurricane Irma

Is Anyone Out There?   I've been through a few hurricanes living in Florida, but none frightened me like Hurricane Irma. Irma was headed for landfall on the west coast of Florida, aimed at Naples FL, with me directly in the path of the eye! Landfall as a CAT 4,...

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Do You Have A Soft Voice?

Those of us who were early adopters the Echo had the great fortune to have the Alexa Voice Remote included in our launch purchase of the device.  At first, I wasn't sure I would use it. After all, it's a remote when I can just speak and Alexa performs. However, over...

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Guides, Tutorials & Cheat Sheets

Voice Command Guide

Here’s a cheat sheet of common voice commands


Light Ring Color Guide

We can al use a guide to the many ring light colors on the Echo device.


Bonus Tips For You

We’ve put together a a compilation of top tips to guide you on your voice journey.


Alexa Calling Cheat Sheet

Print a cheat sheet to personalize call commands


Play Some Music Cheat Sheet

Print your personalized cheat sheet for your music favorites!


Smart Home Cheat Sheet

Print out to remember your device names and commands


Have a Marvelous Day!

Enjoy using your voice!