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Are you a contributor to a loved ones Marvee Family News Group?  We’re EXCITED to announce we’ve launched the Family News companion iOS app designed just for you! Download the app via the Apple app store, log in with your Marvee Family News Contributor username and password, then tap out a message or use Siri to dictate and send away!  Easy to use and great while mobile!

You can still use the Marvee Portal or just send along a message to your parents, grandparents or loved one from your iOS device. They’ll hear it played back when they say “Alexa, ask Marvee for Family News”.

Family News Contributor says…
Call Me service

“Hi Mom, just using Siri to send a message to your Alexa device with the family news iOS companion app. So you can hear my hello through Family News!”

Available in the Apple Store…
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