Reminders To Take Your Medicine – Hmmm

Can You Set Alexa to Remind You To Take Your Medicine?

I’ve had several folks mention they are using “Reminders” as a way to remember to take their medicine. I think this is a great feature as a redundant practice to take your meds. However, I don’t believe anything of a critical nature should be assigned via an Alexa Reminder as the sole reminder method for meds.  You see, a reminder only sounds off once, and is specific to the device on which you set the reminder. If you are away from the device at the time of the reminder… you’ll miss it!

I’ve also heard from others that they are using repeating “Alarms” for medicine reminders.  Again, a great way to add alerts for a daily routine, but please remember while the alarm will sound until you cancel… if you are not near the device (perhaps in another room, or out running errands), you will miss taking your medication.

Please be careful and set up multiple methods for remembering to take your pills!

Take Care

Alexa has ever-growing capabilities, but do remember we are in the first generation stage of Voice Technology. Please use common sense in setting any alerts or other functions that pertain to critical information or actions.  Now, do Enjoy Alexa!