Do You Have A Mom | Dad | Grandma Light?

And then there was light

One of the first things we did after setting up the Echo for mom, and gaining some initial use was to become a “Connected Home”. Whether connecting to devices like SmartThings, Wemo or Hue, we added not just lifestyle ease but safety was first of mind.

How To Find Smart Home in the Alexa App

Within the Alexa app…go to Settings and you’ll see “Smart Home”,  click on the Discover devices link and Alexa will look for any smart devices set up for you to connect. That should do it for the Alexa app side of things.

There’s an app for your smart device too.

Whichever smart device you’ve purchased and want to connect to Alexa, you’ll need to go to the respective manufacturer’s app for the device you’re connecting and enable connection to the Echo. Once both of these are completed, either “Ask Alexa” to discover your device, or complete the discovery via the alexa app. That should do it!

Here are a few examples of Smart plugs and lightbulbs

We use a “mom Light”.  What about you?

A great benefit of adding an elder parent to your household is using “turn on the light.

Scenario 1

We named one of the lights at my sisters house, “mom’s light”. When mom arose each morning, mom would say “Alexa, turn on mom’s light”.  A light in my sisters home would turn on, and Sis would know mom was awake and up for the day. So great to add independence and mindfulness with a simple “Turn on the Light”

Scenario 2

I had heard about this, and then happen to speak to some one who has the following set up in their home.  I’ll call the woman Sue. Sue’s grandmother lives with them in a separate area of the house. Sue had left her full-time job to be one of the 45 million family caregivers in the US (an amazing number isn’t it!) due to her grandmother’s declining health. Sue now freelances part-time at home and has the following set up.

Sue has connected 3 separate Hue lightbulbs in a light strip in her home office. Each bulb is a different color (red, yellow and green). Together, Sue and her grandmother have designated different actions for each color. Sue’s grandmother speaks “Alexa, turn on the green light” –  Green means all is Ok. Yellow means she needs assistance, perhaps going to the bathroom, or getting dressed. Red means come quick, need some help.

Everybody is happy just using their voice.



Turn On The Light

Convenience, hands-free, fall prevention, awareness – no matter the reason – Light up the place! You may have multiple devices to light up your home or your parents place.  Echo asks you to uniquely identify the connected device. You may name your smart light switch in the kitchen “kitchen light” or the  smart plug in the hallway bathroom “half bath”.  You may group devices so all turn on, or set them up as individual smart actions. Play around with it for what works best. What an amazing world we live in!

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