The Marvee Community Platform

The Voice of Your Community – Purpose-built and Designed for Social Engagement

Improve Internal & External Communication

Communication doesn’t have to become more difficult with age. We may just need to do it differently. EVERYONE is part of a community and needs easy communication and social engagement. Whether hindered by vision or mobility, an older adult aging-in-place, a resident in independent living, or a local neighborhood, it is about staying engaged and active.  We’re innovating with voice-designed solutions to stay informed, involved and actively engaged.

Broadcast and Collect Actionable Data

No buttons to push, screens to tap. Just use your voice. Incredible! Marvee provides the ability for folks to initiate a hands-free and voice-driven action to make tasks, activities and entertainment faster, easier, and more enjoyable. For communities, we turn paper into voice content bringing community news, daily menus, activity calendars, and surveys to community members upon voice request. Have information you want to distribute to individuals or the masses? Have updates you’d like to capture from your residents? We make it happen!

We Meet You Wherever You Are

Social Interaction Happens Everywhere

Aging At Home

Most adults desire to remain in their homes as long as possible. However, often vision and mobility limitations, loneliness and social isolation creep into formerly active lifestyles. Marvee provides older adults the ability to remain active, engaged and independent via voice-driven notifications, check-ins and interaction with family, friends and home health professionals.

Independent / Assisted Living

Gain new efficiencies through the distribution of community information, alert notifications and the ability to address daily questions with ease. Whether a resident has recently transitioned or is a long-time resident, they stay abreast about life within their community. Improve communication and increase engagement to deliver health, social and financial benefits by voice.

55+ Communities

Your neighborhood is the community that surrounds you so share neighborhood information, engage with community groups and join new activities. Marvee is your community companion offering an additional medium for communication to residents, members or activity groups. Broadcast the latest community information and your residents just use their voice,

Local Governments

Local community is where daily life happens. There’s a new way to reach citizens and local business! Marvee provides the ability to broadcast local news, special events and the information important to the community. Your town needs to hear your voice!


All associations and organizations (ie. Association for the Blind, The Lighthouse, Alzheimer’s and more) share important information every day. General information, resources, events, surveys and assessments – Marvee brings your voice to your members.

Health and Happiness

Stay active, stay healthy, stay social. We’re innovating to help community stay informed, involved and actively engaged. Currently under development, Marvee Community will be available in 2018.  Sign up below for updates.

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