Intentional design means every one gets to participate
Voice is the right technology as we live longer, healthier and more active lives.

Advisory Services

Strategy and design services to engage the massive and diverse 100 million+ older adult audience. Discover concepts to deliver voice experiences that delight!

Our original “Ask Marvee” Alexa Skill was first launched in early 2016 when there were less than 2500 skills in the Alexa Skills store. Since then we’ve created dozens of Alexa skills and have helped thousands to keep moving, thinking and to stay connected.  What a blessing to be part of early user adoption and create voice experiences for function, freedom and fun!

2021 now begins a new chapter. With new dev and design capabilities, our suite of skills have now been deprecated. Our design intelligence will serve a broader audience, and going forward, I will be focused on providing advisory services to other companies for a broader reach to the 50+ cohort.   Below is a peek at our original Alexa Skill. A special THANK YOU to all of our users, and especially to our original Ask Marvee users who date back to early 2016!  Marvee’s success is because of you! Thank you! ~Heidi

The original 2016 Ask Marvee

Easy Management

Manage your Ask Marvee features all in once easy-to-use online portal. Add contacts, configure your services or update account settings.

services_mb_icon MORNING BEACON

Start the day with “I’m OK”. No need to worry. It’s going to be a good day!

Marvee user says…


“Alexa, open Marvee… send I’m OK.”

Contact receives notification…


“I’m OK and ready to have a great day! -Dad”

Delivery options: notification_cell TXT    notification_email Email

Check on Me iconCHECK ON ME

Sometimes you need just need a helping hand. Notify a neighbor or family member to stop by. 

Marvee user says…

“Alexa, tell Marvee to check on me.”

Contact receives notification…


“Beth, MeMa would like you to check on her. :)”

Delivery options: notification_cell TXT    notification_email Email

services_fn_icon FAMILY NEWS

It’s easy to keep up with the latest family buzz! Family can use the Ask Marvee companion iOS app to send messages to a loved one, seamlessly delivered to the Echo device via Alexa! Family engagement to stay engaged, connected and happy!

Marvee user says…

Call Me service

“Alexa, ask Marvee for family news.”

Here is your Family News…

Call Me notification

“Hi Dad, I’m going to come a little early on Saturday because I want to drop off some groceries before your appointment. – Jeff”

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