for the over-65 population, family and all who surround them

Caring for a loved one?

We design voice experiences to make life a whole lot easier!  

Peace of Mind

Send along a daily “I’m OK”, because Marvee’s in the room!

Caring for a loved one?

Our voice-activated companion makes it a whole lot easier!

Hindered by low vision?

Marvee lets you just use your voice!

Peace of mind

Rest easier knowing Marvee’s in the room

Our original “Ask Marvee” Alexa Skill was first launched in 2016 when there were less than 2500 skills in the Alexa Skills store. We helped thousands stay in touch with family, and It has been an amazing few years designing a multitude of public and private Alexa Skills. Still early, yet with Voice AI technology quickly evolving, we realized we needed to re-architect the original Ask Marvee skill to take advantage of new design and development capabilities, as well as align with current functionality of smart assistants, mobile and the car. Thus, we retired the Ask Marvee Skill in December 2018. We’ve brought back a few of the features in other forms, both in-house or with clients, with the goal to continue expanding voice experiences to the over-50 population and all who surround them. A special THANK YOU to all of our users who date back to early 2016! We appreciate you!

The original Ask Marvee 

services_mb_icon MORNING BEACON

Start the day with “I’m OK”. No need to worry. It’s going to be a good day!

Marvee user says…


“Alexa, open Marvee… send I’m OK.”

Contact receives notification…


“I’m OK and ready to have a great day! -Dad”

Delivery options: notification_cell TXT    notification_email Email

Check on Me iconCHECK ON ME

Sometimes you need a hand. Why not notify family and friends that you’d like them to come over and give you some help. Send them a message to come check on you!

Marvee user says…


“Alexa, tell Marvee to check on me.”

Contact receives notification…


“Beth, MeMa would like you to check on her. :)”

Delivery options: notification_cell TXT    notification_email Email

services_fn_icon FAMILY NEWS

Stay in tune with the latest family buzz! Family updates sent using the Marvee mobile app and delivered back to the Marvee User upon request! Family engagement to stay engaged, connected and happy!

Marvee user says…

Call Me service

“Alexa, ask Marvee for family news.”

Here is your Family News…

Call Me notification

“Hi Dad, I’m going to come a little early on Saturday because I want to drop off some groceries before your appointment. – Jeff”

Easy Management

Manage your Ask Marvee features all in once easy-to-use online portal. Add contacts, configure your services or update account settings.

Alexa Skills by Marvee

For Fun, Function and Freedom
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Just a note: We test a lot! It’s important for successful voice experience engagement to the 50+ audience. We publish production Skills to the Alexa Store primarily for short-term testing purposes and thus you may find some disappear as we finish public testing and move to revise, re-launch full production or take private. Early stage voice is a marvelous journey. Always feel free to drop us a note!

Women Pioneers is a skill to help you learn facts about amazing women who have, or are currently impacting the world. Be inspired to seize the day!

Senior Moments is a skill offering a mix of senior humor, wisecracks, and chuckles. We believe it’s important to laugh out loud every day. Also to laugh at ourselves. Have a chuckle listening to random facts, snaps, and wisecracks about getting older.

The Chair Workout is a fun, 5-exercise daily routine that walks you through a series of easy stretches for different parts of the body, all while seated in a chair. Chair Workout helps with flexibility, strength and balance – the fuel for a healthy and happy life! 

Senior Stretch is a 5-exercise routine that walks you through a series of easy stretches for different parts of the body. Use Senior Stretch to stay mobile, and loosen up for the day!

Squats are one of the best exercises anyone can do to increase leg and bone strength, which is especially important as we age for balance and fall prevention. The Senior Squat Workout lasts about 5 minutes, and consists of four sets, with rests in between.

No matter your age or physical condition, there are few forms of exercise more effective at strengthening your core than the plank exercise. Senior Plank, the 5-minute plank workout ideal for seniors, offers variation on the traditional full plank position for those who may need modifications. (launching soon!)

Be Positive brings you quick inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to begin the day with brief words of wisdom.

Being thankful for even the smallest things, can change your day. We practice naming a little thing we’re grateful for each morning. Whether thankful for a rainbow, a friend or your morning cup of coffee, beginning the day with gratitude for some little thing does make a difference.

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