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Hi, I’m Heidi Culbertson, founder of Ask Marvee. I love speaking about voice-first technology, strategies, conversation design and the impact it is already having on our every day, especially for older adults. This is an amazing time for innovation and impact!

I particularly love engaging with audiences to paint the picture of what’s possible, while at the same time offering specific nuances to craft and deliver rich voice experiences for today and tomorrow. My style is simple: fun, engaging, and focused. Let’s use our voices.

Recently At The Voice Summit (#Voice18)

The Voice Summit was held recently (July) in Newark, NJ. It was the largest gathering of voice-first pioneers, early in recognizing the future is voice-first. I had the privilege of participating on two panels – “Voice – Senior Style” and “Leaders in Voice”, as well as presenting “VUI and design insights for older adults and caregiving”. It was an incredible summit bringing together the very beginning of a VoiceFirst community, with 3000 attendees (developers, designers, NLU experts, marketers, brands).

Panel: Leaders in Voice, #Voice18

Voice Summit 2018, #Voice18

Voice Design (VUI) for Older Adults, #Voice18



Talks and Panels

Leaders in Voice, Voice Summit, July 2018

International Society of Gerontechnology (ISG), May 2018

Voice Design For Older Adults & Caregiving

Everyone Needs To Be Talking About Voice

Voice First VUI & Strategy, July 2018

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