It’s obvious by now that I am a huge fan of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Echo Dot.  Voice-driven devices enable the ability to do many useful things, its marvelous!  But yes, capability is evolving and there is more to do or learn everyday (as well as not so useful things which after one try.. meh).

When these voice-driven devices are used by families and older adults, when used to combat social isolation or to open up the world again for those facing vision or mobility limitations, it is not just a “nice-to-have” device with cute occasional capability. They can be a complete game-changer for older adults or anyone with physical challenges. Imagine, just use your voice and things happen. Life gets better!

So a last tip of advice for this blog series.

Define the hands-free IMPORTANT moments or task to learn  first (or teach your loved one).
Learn the specific voice commands for the things that matter. Learn these first. It’s about quality of life, home safety and just plain ole enjoyment!

Do they like to sing or listen to music?  Learn how to ask for their favorite music, perhaps from their most influential decade.
•    Ask Alexa for a specific singer (Frank Sinatra perhaps)
•    Ask Alexa for a specific song (Somewhere ver the rainbow)
•    Ask Alexa for a genre of music (Big Band, country, jazz, classical, etc.)

Do they like to read but perhaps don’t see well any longer?  Purchase kindle books and start listening.
•    Ask Alexa for specific book title
•    Ask Alexa, play my latest book.

Set a timer for exercise, cooking or reminders
Set an Alarm for wake up
Connect a smart plug and ask Alexa to turn on the bedroom light

And if they forget what to say? That’s OK. It is a prompt for laughter!  (Shhhh!)   Enjoy!

This is tip #10 of our series: Ten Things to Do First – to help you get up to speed faster right out of the box with your Alexa device.

Today’s Quick Tip: Define, Learn or Teach, Use – Enjoy!

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