Alexa is in the house. Is she recording all you say?  Your Echo (or Dot) is always listening for your “wake word” and that is when recording begins, as Alexa is then ready for your next request.  But there is concern out there about this.

I’ll leave it up to the Amazon and Google experts, but both have taken security measures. The audio zipping from your home to Amazon’s data center is encrypted, so even if your home network is compromised, it’s unlikely some one is going to start listening in.  I think more important is to follow the rule of changing your passwords regularly, never using previously used passwords and making sure your passwords are “strong”. How often do you change your amazon password?

Now, just in case…There are things you can do at home. Your Alexa device has a mute button. I use mine fairly often. You also have the means to delete your history within the Alexa companion app. While not recommended as the more you speak with Alexa, the smarter she is knowing your voice, Tip #6 covers how to find and delete your history.

All part of a series covering ten things that will help you get up to speed faster right out of the box with your Alexa device.


Today’s Quick Tip: How to delete your History

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