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Voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are game-changers for a broad population. They greatly improve quality of life with home automation and access to information, entertainment and communication. As we are, in reality, beginning the journey into hands-free voice, the learning curve to use voice assistants, and then Skills or Actions (third-party apps) begs for ways to shorten the learning curve.  We’ve worked with thousands of older adults, caregivers and senior living communities. We specialize in training how to use Alexa and Hey Google for the over-50 population, the blind and vision-impaired, those with mobility limitations, early dementia and other disabilities.

We offer online courses, one-on-one training, group sessions and community training on your favorite voice assistant. Both on-site and virtual learning settings are available to learn how to use your device, Alexa or Marvee.  Get started and accelerate your learning curve to just use your voice to impact your every day!

Customized Training

We’ll meet your community where they are and help get hands-free conversations started. Voice Assistant technology and the capabilities of Alexa and Hey Google are quickly evolving. We offer individual and group training to learn basic commands, set up home automation and introduce you to Alexa Skills or Google Actions (apps) that fit your lifestyle.  Contact us to schedule a session.

A Few Tools To get Started

With Alexa

Need a Cheat Sheet to remember your favorite voice commands?  Download our Starter Bundle of “Fill in the Blank” Voice Command Cheat Sheets for the most popular commands folks use everyday! Guides come in handy for Alexa “newbies”, elder parents or just for yourself as a reminder of all Alexa can do!

Get the Bundle

6 printable guides

“How To Use Alexa” Video Course

By popular request we’ve brought back the How To Use Alexa online video course (formerly known as Aging With Alexa), with all the latest Echo news and Alexa capabilities for those looking to make life easier, hands-free! The course includes step-by-step videos and help guides to shorten your learning curve. Learn how to use the features we all use most. Visit  howtousealexa.com to learn more or just get started!

Alexa Products We Recommend

The number and variety of Alexa-enabled devices hitting the market is growing exponentially.  We’ve created a Marvee Amazon Store to highlight ones we personally use or recommend.  And, if you’re in charge of a community deploying Echo assets to your residents, we offer training, device management, customized staging & kitting for deployment at scale.

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How-To’s to Get started

Morning Beacon – How it works

Call Me – How it works

Social Visit – How it works

Sign up for a Marvee Account

Family News – How it works

Enable the Marvee Skill – Alexa App

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