Voice Design 50

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We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new online Voice Design Course:


Voice Design 50

The over-50 population is a force to be reckoned with, and a voice opportunity for business and social good.  There’s a massive demographic shift occurring both in the US and globally as we live longer, healthier and more active lives. And as the older population grows, we will also see growth in consumer numbers, workers, care givers, entrepreneurs and many other segments. We need to meet wherever they are and Voice+AI is the right technology at the right time. Get ready to register for this online course specifically focused on designing conversations with the 50+ cohort!

  • The 50+ cohort is made up of fastest growing population segments
  • The over-50 age group controls approximately 80% of household wealth
  • The 50+ cohort is estimated to generate $15 trillion in economic opportunity in 2020
  • There are now more people over age sixty-five than under age five
  • The 50+ cohort is not one monolithic block, but is multi-generational with diverse wants and needs to continue to be fully active participants in todays world.
  • It’s not just about healthcare and caregiving, but about ageless fun, fitness, fashion, employment and more

Voice Design 50

Older adults are already exhibiting higher daily usage of voice assistants, more than other age groups!  And, as life is made up of micro-moments, voice can often provide more information, faster, and with less cognitive load. Join us to learn the importance of pitch, tone, rate of speech, and other conversational design nuances, all applied to user context. Learn to design voice to meet them where they are and where voice makes sense.

Voice Design 50

step-by-step, practical and executable

understand who the 50+ audience is

what their varied wants and needs might be

and how to design voice experiences from ideation to production

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Voice Design 50 is a course focused on voice strategy and conversational design best practices that are specific and actionable to better engage the multi-generational and diverse over-50 population.

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