Voice Design: Engage the 50+ pop.

Join us for a pre-conference workshop at the Voice Summit

I will be holding a pre-Conference workshop at the Voice Summit, July 22-25th, the largest Voice Technology event of the year.  

Join in on a fun, interactive workshop designing voice experiences for older adults. 10,000 people turn 65 every day, and later this year there will be more people worldwide over the age of 65 than under it. Wow! How should we approach voice design? And what are they interested in? Older adults are not one monolithic block. They are active seniors, older adults with vision, cognitive and chronic challenges, and those who are healthcare-dependent. There are elder parents with remote family, as well as elder orphans. Join me for an interactive workshop. We’ll walk through a few scenarios, design context-aware interactions, discuss the importance of SSML and audio cues (super Important), and learn best practices to meet the user where they are …to make life better!

Hope to see you there! Learn more about the summit at voicesummit.ai. And use code HC109  when registering for a 15% discount. Register here.