What’s The Weather?

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Summer is upon us and it is fantastic to be able to say “Alexa” what’s the weather this weekend?” and Alexa responds with the weekend forecast. However, there are times when Alexa gets it wrong….. or is it us?

I just asked Alexa for today’s weather. Alexa responded with the weather of a small city 3 hours away. What’s up with that?!  So.. I thought I would take a look within my Alexa app.  In the main menu, I selected Settings > then chose the Device I was speaking to. Scrolling down, I select “Device Location”. Uh oh. It’s blank!

So, it was me!  Normally, the device location is determined by the address you have listed within the amazon.com account in which the device is registered. I had changed this while traveling, bringing my Echo device along, and obviously neglected to re-enter my home location upon return.  Oh well. Alexa got the weather right. I was just no longer in that location. Drat! It was me!

So, if you ask Alexa for the weather in a generic fashion. “Alexa, what’s the weather”? Alexa responds based on the device location.

If you want to know the weather in a another city, state or internationally, just be specific, “Alexa, what is the weather in “City/State or City/Country.


Who’s Where

Do you administer an echo device for mom or dad, grandma or grandpa? Is the device registered to your amazon account or theirs?  Whichever way things are set up for your individual home styles, be aware of the location listed within the Alexa app, and educate how to ask for the weather accordingly.  It’s going to be a great day!