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pioneering aging with voice

A voice-enabled world has one simple mission… to make life better.

We help brands, designers, developers, writers and creators build voice experiences for the more than 1B globally over the age of 50, with all their different personas and contexts. Work, play, family, fitness, finance, or health, we are here to help.

Voice-First Strategy

we’re strategists & advisors

The right technology, at the right time, for the large and fast-growing 50+ population. This is a perfect storm of opportunity and need. We help clients define voice strategies to succeed in the emerging conversational world. What story are you trying to tell? Do you know the type of voice experience that will be of interest to your audience? What are the ecosystem spheres that your business, the community, family and 50+ users play within. Voice is already proving its promise to impact. Contact us for retained advisory services, or book a one-day strategy workshop.

we design experiences

Conversation design, personas, context, writing, personalization, tone, audio, multi-turn interaction, multi-modal and so much more. Designing a good Voice Interaction Model, along with documentation for development hand-off, is crucial to creating a value-centered, successful voice app. We design in-house but also, one of our mission goals is for everyone to learn to design for the 1B globally over the age of 50. It’s a huge population, with nuanced needs, where Voice is a perfect fit. Hire us, or leverage our Voice Design Workshops to bring the right conversations to life. 

Design Life

Custom Voice Application

we develop for engagement

Our development services for customized voice app experiences ensures a user-first perspective, aligned with business value. We’ve spent 20+ years embedded in mobile UX, and bring that experience to the Voice world. We understand the technical constraints of todays emerging voice technology, and how to scale for future capability. Since late 2014, we’ve trained thousands on voice assistant use, lived within user scenarios, are steeped in user experience, and have designed and published 40+ voice experiences. From design and development to publishing and analytics, Marvee is your partner in Voice.

we test with real users

Want to engage older users using Voice Assistant Technology? The key is to interact with them first. We offer real-user testing services for voice app designers and developers to help ensure their voice experience engages well. We’ve grown a community of older adults ranging in age from fifty to ninety-eight. We call them our “Silver Users”. We’ve crafted our table testing process to meet the unique voice needs of older adults, and customize test groups by expertise (newbies/power users), and/or age (generation). It’s important than interact with live users in real-life settings. Leverage our expertise, schedule a table test, and receive a Silver User report.

Silver Users - Testing

By 2030, there will be more than a billion people over age 65

By 2050, 1 in 5 will be 60 or above

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Launching a Voice Assistant Pilot with your Community of Users?

We can help with pilot management, ongoing support or best practices for on-boarding and more. We help accelerate success!

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