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Since the launch of voice technology and the Amazon Echo with Alexa, we’ve trained tens of thousands on voice assistant use, lived within user scenarios, and have created a multitude of Alexa Skills. We also bring 20+ years embedded in technology and mobile UX to the Voice world. We understand the technical constraints of todays emerging voice technology, how to scale for future capability, and importantly how best to engage the over 50 populations. Marvee is your partner in Voice.

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50+: rising populations

strategies to engage

A force to be reckoned with. Voice is the right technology, at the right time, for the large and fast-growing 50+ population controlling approximately 80% of household wealth, and estimated to generate $15 trillion economic opportunity in 2020. We help clients understand the varied 50+ audience and define voice strategies for optimum engagement. We know the audience, we know the market, we know voice technology. Let’s work together.

design experiences

Successful Alexa Skills/Google Actions are those your audience loves and uses. Designing a voice user experience (VUX) and voice interaction model (VUI) for the 50+ cohort is much more than general conversational design principles. A large population, with nuanced needs and varied personas from athletic to care-dependent, Voice is a fantastic fit! Contact us to schedule a Voice Design Workshop or sign up for our online course, Voice Design 50.

design for the ear

real life scenarios

real user data

Want to engage older users using Voice Assistant Technology? Bring them into the process and interact with them, from the start. We’ve developed a research and testing framework to meet the unique conversational needs of older adults and grown a community of older adults ranging from age fifty to ninety-eight, power users and those new to using voice technology. Leverage our expertise and receive actionable feedback for iteration.

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