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Voice Strategy Workshop

Our 1-day Strategy workshop focuses on developing a voice strategy for engagement and business. We begin with discovery to align business goals. Together, we’ll draft initial benchmarks, define the user audience and identify key use cases. We’ll then outline internal processes needed to prepare your organization for voice, and finish with a selection for a proof-of-concept based on business need.

Voice Design Workshop

Our 1-day Voice Design workshop covers all the basics of voice design (VUI/VUX), and additionally teaches how and where to meet the age 50+ population where they are. We’ve developed a framework to work through identification of audience life stages, ideal engagement points, and to then apply conversational AI design techniques (with the needed nuances) for optimal impact. This workshop is a two-day partnership for answering critical business questions, understanding user scenarios, writing, designing, prototyping, and testing ideas. How can we solve a problem, big or small, with voice? Is voice the best modality? What micro-moment of friction will reveals itself? We believe a great voice experience begins with user context and goal alignment. We’ll help you define a use case, walk through the design process using a prototyping tool, and identify what is needed for production readiness.

Who are they, what are they doing, where can you meet them with voice?













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