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We are a voice strategy, education and conversational design company helping bring voice applications to the more than 1B globally over the age of 50. From the active boomer to the care assisted elderly, we are the recognized leaders in helping brands and organizations craft successful voice experiences to meet the wants and needs of the 50+ population.

The over-50 cohort is not one monolithic block but is comprised of four generations with varied stages of life, wants and needs. Athletes to active boomers to independent elders want to use voice on-the-go!

With age, simple things often become a tad more difficult. We squint to read, or lean forward to hear.  Voice can meet needs where they are. Voice brings back “simple”!

Voicebot.ai’s 2019  “The Top 44 Leaders in Voice

 Heidi Culbertson, founder of Marvee, named one of “Top 11 Influencers in Voice” by Voicebot.ai  –  “It is such an honor to be included amongst so many people I respect. Wow!” 

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