Caring for a loved one?

Our voice-activated companion makes it a whole lot easier!


Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing Marvee’s in the room

Voice-Designed Solutions

For happy and active living

Caring for a loved one?

Our voice-activated companion makes it a whole lot easier!

Hindered by low vision?

Marvee lets you just use your voice!

Peace of mind

Rest easier knowing Marvee’s in the room

Life Just Got Better

A new world is opening up for older adults, senior living and for all those hindered by vision, mobility or other challenges. Voice-activated technologies bring great benefits in convenience, home safety and social engagement. Marvee, integrated with Alexa, provides voice-driven services to make life easier via a platform purpose-built for senior living lifestyles.

Simplify and Notify

Sometimes it’s just difficult to do or see what used to be easy. Routine tasks are now a breeze utilizing the one thing most people can easily use… their voice! Verbal commands allow the Ask Marvee user to send along a daily “I’m OK”, hear a digest of the latest family news, or ask for a social visit. Ideal for those hindered by limited vision, mobility or other challenges, the Ask Marvee Alexa Skill offers a suite of features for individuals and families.

Interact and Engage

Whether an individual asking for what they need, a community sending out news, or a provider posting health and wellness information Marvee Community provides an easy way to broadcast information to connect and engage. Paired with any Alexa-enabled device, Marvee is ideal for those aging-at-home or in-residence in assisted and independent living communities. Stay connected and have fun!

Learn to Use Your Voice

Rapid-growth of voice-enabled technology is changing lifestyle landscapes for older adults, families and health. It’s powerful!  Learn how it is changing how we age, how we care for each other and prepare to manage your voice-enabled devices and voice assistant of choice.

The Time Is Here To Just Use Your Voice