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Voice is the right technology at the right time to meet the massive demographic shift as we live longer, healthier and more active lives. We are strategists and conversational designers bringing voice and older adults together.

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We are a voice experience company specifically focused on the 50+ cohort & active aging for function, freedom and fun.


We understand the 50+ cohort is not one monolithic block but consists of four diverse generations across multiple life stages.


We’re technologists and innovators with deep experience in user experience, product design, development… and caregiving.


I’m Heidi

I founded Marvee in 2015 after seeing the positive and immediate impact of the Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service with an elder parent.  Marvee’s mission is to bring voice technology and the 50+ cohort together. Along the way, we also evangelize to the global community the opportunity and importance of voice AI for active aging, longevity and for both good business and social good.

The Future is Voice – It Makes Life Better.

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