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Marvee is the leading voice strategy, education and conversational design studio bringing Amazon Alexa voice experiences and the 50+ cohort together. We create voice experiences that make life better, and evangelize to business, designers, developers (and end-users) the value of voice.

The over-50 cohort is not one monolithic block but is comprised of four generations with varied stages of life, wants and needs. Athletes to active boomers to independent elders want to use voice on-the-go!

With age, simple things often become a tad more difficult. We may squint to read or lean forward to hear. Well, voice meets you in “that” moment. Voice brings back “simple”!

let’s make life better

Education. Strategy. Design.

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strategies to engage

Estimated to generate $15 trillion economic opportunity, Voice is the right technology, at the right time.

design experiences

At 100 million strong, context-aware design matters across a range from the athletic to care-assisted.

user research

User experience, research & testing identify unique and ideal “moments” for voice engagement.

partner with us

At our core, we are a user experience company intentionally focused on creating high-quality voice experiences. With deep experience in emerging tech, mobile and UX design, and since the launch in 2014 of the Amazon Echo smart speaker, we’ve trained tens of thousands on voice assistant use, we’ve lived within user scenarios, and created multiple public and private Alexa Skills. 

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