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Marvelous Voice Experiences

Marvee is a voice design studio that creates interactive experiences using the voice-first platforms of Alexa and Google. Every individual, every generation, every brand will be impacted by the Voice First Revolution. We design for all, and are specialists in engaging the older population, making life better for older adults through the use of voice technology.
Let’s design the conversation. Let’s create marvelous voice experiences.

We Help You Find Your Voice

What does your brand or community sound like? What type of engaging voice experience wows your users? Rapid-growth of voice-enabled technology is changing lifestyle and business landscapes for individuals, communities, brands, and business. Do you have a voice strategy? We can help! We consult with you to build a conversation strategy, and find your voice… all so you can engage and hear theirs!

We Design Experiences

Leverage our Conversation Design Workshops and our Older Adult User Beta Groups for rapid conversation design prototyping to bring the right ideas to life. Voice opens a whole world of new experiences to enjoy,  Notify others, stay connected, share, get things done, or just have fun. We design and build Alexa Skills and Google Actions, and have a unique specialty in conversation design engaging older adults, families, and the communities that surround them.

We Build Engagement

We develop customized experiences tailored to the user, the brand and the community. We’ve spent 15+ years embedded in mobile UX and development, and now bring that experience to a Voice First world. Since 2014, we’ve trained thousands on voice assistant use, are steeped in user experience, and have designed, prototyped and published multiple voice experiences. From design and development to publishing and analytics, we’re your partner in Voice.

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