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Marvee is a voice design company with a mission to create and enable a voice-first lifestyle for older adults, those hindered by vision, mobility or other aging challenges, and for the folks who assist them. Voice-activated technology offers incredible benefit in convenience, awareness, safety and social engagement. It’s a marvelous time to use your voice!

Simplify and Notify

Sometimes it’s just difficult to do or see what used to be easy. Routine tasks can now be a breeze utilizing the one thing most people use every day… their voice! Verbal commands allow the Ask Marvee user to send along a daily “I’m OK”, hear a digest of the latest family news, or ask for a social visit. Ideal for those hindered by limited vision, mobility or other challenges, the Ask “Marvee” Alexa Skill offers a suite of features for individuals and families.

Interact and Engage

Whether an individual asking for what they need, a community sending out news, or a provider posting health and wellness information, the Marvee Community platform allows one-on-one or mass communication with your members for easy distribution of information and action. Paired with any Alexa-enabled device, Marvee is ideal for interaction with those aging-at-home, families, senior centers and senior living communities. Stay connected and have fun!

Learn to Use Your Voice

Rapid-growth of voice-enabled technology is changing lifestyle landscapes for older adults, families and health. It’s powerful!  The Marvee Studio helps organizations figure out their voice-first strategy, develop custom voice solutions and assist with deployment, onboarding and training.

The Time Is Here To Just Use Your Voice